pinch the hooch

If we are to believe Twitter users like GorgeousDUH and WassupMrBeiber, Coco Chanel, the woman responsible for 89% of popular fashion epigrams, once advised that a lady should always remove one item of jewellery before she leaves the house. 

This little trick never worked for me, partially because it doesn't allow for mixing florals, leather and bling in a haphazard yet hilarious manner, but mostly because this kind of minimalist thinking was never going to get me a job as a Fly Girl on In Living Colour

Personally, I think Chanel was saying, "Don't be afraid to edit", a motto that couturiers and hoochie mamas alike can take on board.

The moral of this tale? Giveth a lady four glasses of wine in a library and she will lay down for you on a couch of burgundy leather. 

Really, this stuff writes itself.

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