mode of conduct

I’m a huge believer in the redemptive power of clothes - there’s not a hater I can’t handle or an argument I can’t win, provided I’m wearing the right outfit...

Dresses and skirts and jackets and jewellery have done a lot for me over the years, so I feel it’s only fitting that I do right by them - that is, bring them around the city with me once in a while and show them off. Fashion is a fun art, but people sometimes forget that it's also funny, which is precisely why you'll find me swanning about in gangsta chains, fringed underwear and thigh-high splits in the Winter time.

As you can imagine, other people find this quite funny too. Whenever I move to a new street, the locals seem to delight in pointing out how absurd I look as I go about my business. 

Still, after a couple of weeks, they grow accustomed to my vulgar style and don't make quite so many remarks. In a couple of very rare cases, my neighbours have even learned to like it! This is when I know I’ve done something good – when I've resisted the urge to amend my wardrobe to suit a bunch of strangers and when I know that the next girl who walks down that street in a pair of see-through palazzo pants probably won't get such a hard time!

I created The Morning Strut as a way to celebrate the inanimate objects that give me tiny little thrills every day, and to remember some great men and women who loved clothes as much as I do.
(...and if I can do anything towards eliminating fashion fear, well, that would be a very, very nice bonus)

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