you can call him ray...

One of my very favourite nuggets of inspiration in the studio is a scan of this article from a 1959 issue of Vogue Pattern Book, featuring "lively teenager" and home sewer extraordinaire Lynda Harper. The piece follows Lynda as she creates a dress for prom night. But enough about her.

Her date's name is Rayford*.

Seriously. RAYFORD*.

Boy is he ever dreamy.

*Sadly, the name Rayford reached its popularity zenith around 1930, 29 years before this issue of VPB was even published! If anyone out there knows anyone by the name of Rayford, please urge him get in contact immediately, as I would like us to be wed.

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    Who is also apparently the (assumedly pen) name of a rapper from Canada.

    Greetings from the land of maple syrup, ice hockey and white rappers named after obscure Simpson references!

    *skates away on frozen syrup, holding hands with Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo*