before the freeze

Ireland's weather has always been a little fickle/unpredictable/hysterically evil, but this year the Seasons seemed to change at the drop of a hat.

Ruth took these photos, and a week later, Dublin was spazzing out under a foot of snow and I was suddenly dressing for the coldest temperatures of my lifetime. Bad news for my toes, worse news for my wardrobe. 

Light coats, heavy knits, leather jackets, trenches, stockings, jersey dresses - all totally useless. Thanks to Mama Nature's hissy fit, I'll be rocking the Bolivian housewife look 'til Spring.

It's not all bad, though. The snow makes for a flawless backdrop to my ridiculous print obsession, the blizzards provide a natural wind machine and it's finally acceptable for me to dress like an extra from Dr. Zhivago

...and hey, I always welcome an excuse to watch this video.

threads: {top - asos bandeau and h&m dress} {skirt - vintage} {tights - penneys} {brogues - penneys} {necklace - a gift from the wiley travelers of yearlongbreakup}

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