sun by psychokinesis

Dublin's a pretty grey place to be at the moment (in all senses of the word) so this week I've been dressing to redeem my good mood. 

Since last weekend, I've been rocking floral skirts, tropical prints and cutout swimsuits. I've been freezing, but the idea that I might be charming the sun out from behind the clouds has kept me nice and toasty. (note: in no way is this true - I think I heard my pockets chatter at one point.)

Today, I pulled another swimsuit out of storage, and when I set foot outside my apartment block to trek over to Ruth's studio - BAM! Swimsuit weather!

Before I knew it, me, Ruth and Chewbacca (Ruth's pooch...looks like this) were frolicking among the dunes and I had no clothes on.

Whether it was the inexplicable 10° hike in temperature, or the satisfaction of transforming the skies with my bulging brain and impractical wardrobe, I didn't feel the breeze for one second.

I can already hear my Mam teasing that I look like Miss Dollymount Beach Clean-Up 2011, so this last one is for her...

"...and I pledge to represent all pregnant teens beach clean-up ladies, be they man, woman, black or white. I thank you."

threads: {suimsuit - h&m, with fringe from asos dress} {scarf - vintage} {skirt - mangled vintage} {parasol - found in chinatown in nyc}


  1. You crazy bitches. Like the fringing Lina. We should fringe together some time. Wink.

  2. Let's DO it! Let's make it fringetastic!