a not-so-single woman

Back in December, I skived off to NY for a week to style this photo shoot for my sister's new vintage-inspired clothing line, Recollection (I blogged about it from her super fly studio)

Here are the final shots from the Lookbook.

My job was to tell the story of an incredibly beautiful woman, through her incredibly beautiful wardrobe.

This ultra chic housewife (I call her Esther) was on my mind for a week solid as I shopped for jewels and planned the outfits. 

Would Esther wear fur?
What were Esther's favourite records?
What would Esther wear to the market?
How many gold brooches could Esther realistically convince her husband to buy for her?
and so on...

If you haven't already gathered, Esther is smart, adventurous, daring and opulentJust like the clothes she plays house in...

{stills - edwin tse
 hair - samantha landis
make-up - christina monita
assistant - elizabeth clancy
styling - the Morning Strut}


  1. I like the first one. It says "I'm an elegant woman who knows what she wants", but also "I'm being devoured by beetles".

    And how!

  2. These photos and the collection are amazing!!! I want everything!