romp thing

I very rarely plan an outfit in advance. For one, it throws up disturbing memories of being a disco-bound 15-year-old and for two, how am I supposed to predict what mood I'll be in on any particular day? 

It's even less common for me to DIY something for a certain event, but when I do whip something up with a specific purpose in mind, two things are bound to happen.

More on those later...

Whateverthisis started life as a unitard from ASOS, before I ripped it apart and pieced it back together again, attaching a bevy of pointless sundries to it along the way. Ruth lovingly pointed out (once she stopped laughing), that this can only mean I have a deep-rooted desire to be a professional gymnast.

Actually, this crazy mo' fo' was inspired by Sheila E's iconic asymmetrical jumpsuit, with a little Babooshka-day Kate Bush in the tail.

So back to the two inevitable consequences of dressing for a purpose...

1) waking up at 7am on the morning of the event in question to change the whole blasted thing around (I hacked more fabric off at the front and added armour to the belt)... 

2) making it through the event in question without having a single picture taken of it in its final form. 

Soon after, Ruth snapped a fellow fashion misfit wearing something similar.

Guess I'll just have to step things up a notch...

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  1. Wow you are such an artist! This is gorgeous.