out of the fog

I'm not in the habit of interviewing myself but I imagine that asking me to name my favourite item of clothing is like asking me how to get to O'Connell St. - you're after a no-frills answer in 30 words or less, but will inevitably be faced with a lot of incoherent babbling and wild, aggressive gestures.

I associate certain inanimate objects with certain animate objects and for this reason (and a million others), I will never, ever be able to single out just one item of clothing as my most prized.

I may not be able to choose my favourite threads, but this is what I wore when there was a .03% chance I was going to be in the same room as Prince, making it a pretty special get-up. So special in fact, I'm now a tad shy about showing this rather Mildred Pierce suit dress to anyone (this should explain the slightly cautious and perfectly creepy nature of the above shots). 

Mr. Nelson never did turn up to court that day, but when a fellow reporter presumed I was a die hard fan by my furs and heels, I knew I'd gotten it right.

Think tomorrow I'll dress to meet Little Richard...

threads: {dress - vintage} {shoes - farylrobin, who deserve massive love for quoting marge simpson on their homepage!} {ear bling - random store in ny} {finger bling - asos} {wrist bling - vintage and absolut (yes, the vodka!)} {tattoo - found in Chinatown in London}


  1. "Oh... hello, I'm Celina Murphy, I'll be dealing with your grandmother's funeral.


    What do you mean 'what's with all the balloons'? Something tells me you've never been to undertaking school.