animal magnetism

Sometimes Ruth and I work really hard - proper back-aching, sweat-making, ass-breaking hard...And then there are those days when we sit around and paint each other's nails.

I had to go all the way to London to get my mitts on this miracle potion by Barry M (don't worry, there were other reasons for my trip - Kelly Brook wasn't going to stare at herself, now was she?), which creates a kind of beat-up graffiti effect on your paws.

I then surprised no-one by trying my hand at some animal patterns and Ruth was happy to play fucked-up zebra to my cheetah.

threads: {my base coat - precious metals nail polish by 17} 
{ruth's base coat - the semen of a million irate stallions}
{top coat - instant nail effects by barry m}


  1. How oh how did you do that???

  2. Look the stuff up on YouTube...it's magic goo!