style swoon - sheila e.

She led the glamorous life, she was a stone cold fox, she's a guy's girl, she's positively koo koo and she can still drum you into oblivion - today, it's all about funk diva and fearless glamourbird Sheila E.

style creds: once owned a turquoise drum kit, was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams, is Tito Puente's goddaughter, is responsible for some of the most drool-enducing album covers of all time and eh...she hangs out with Prince!

Her style was characterised by excess; colossal shoulders, candy box make-up, religious iconography, enormous ear rings, Louis XIV masculinity, something-encrusted everything and very, very big hair. 

Most importantly, she was absolutely fearless about showing off her body - just look at what she wore on the Tonight Show in 1987!

Sheila epitomised OTT '80s fashion and for about a decade she was a faithful disciple of Prince's personal style (hear her talk about it here). She's long since relinquished her eccentric wardrobe (these days you'll mostly find her in boring, slinky numbers), but I'm pretty sure that's a product of Ms. E doing precisely what she wants and not giving a fuck what anyone has to say about it. And isn't that why we loved her in the first place? 

"I'm not trying to sell sex. I just don't like wearing a lot of clothes on stage."

Right On.

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