white and cold

I was angry today, so I dressed for combat. For me, this means black, mesh, leather, a little ammo and some ink - as you can see, I got a little overzealous with one of the the address stamps in Ruth's studio!

I'd be a perjurious ho if I said this hair colour doesn't make me feel like icy temptress Kim Novak, so it's been coming in extra handy when I need to give someone the cold shoulder.

threads: {bodysuit - aa} {skirt- asos} {harness - d.i.y.} {scarf - oxfam} {boots - topshop} {tats - studio62photography}


  1. LOVE your hair color. Or colour. AMERICA INFECTED MY BRAIN.

  2. Thanks! It's going lighter in a week or two. BOTH COLOUR AND COLOR ARE FINE TO USE HERE.