this ain't england

If I had my wicked way, I'd look like I'd come straight from The Cotton Club circa 1938 all day every day, but believe it or not, I don't have access to a lot of coyote fur coats and gold lame gowns.

'80s-tastic tack, on the other hand, seems to follow me around like a bad rash. Not only am I a 1987 baby, but my 7,000 ft stature allows me to take style cues from fabulous giant birds of the era like Brigitte Nielsen and Grace Jones.

I guess it's no harm to trade the Cotton Club for The Blitz for a while, if I'm allowed have tunes like this, this and this as my soundtrack...

 p.s. a shot that didn't make it to blog is positively going on file as a promo pic for my as-yet-unformed electro breakdance revival outfit. Get your interview requests in good and early, kids...

threads: {shirt - h&m} {shiny pants - aa} {cummerbund - d.i.y.} {jacket - vintage} {shoes - new look} {hugely beat-up clutch - penney's} {finger bling - asos} {scowl - model's own}

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