style swoon - ann miller

Today I'm bigging up Ann Miller - the woman with the fastest feet in Hollywood.

She knew how to wear clothes, she loved the company of gentlemen, she danced well into her 50s, had ginormous hair, and was a consummate glamourpuss right 'til the end.

style creds: claimed to have invented tights, listed her occupation on her tax returns as "Star Lady", had her legs insured for a million dollars and, according to IMdb, believed she was Queen Hathshepsut of Egypt in a previous life.


Some actresses during Hollywood's golden age found the studio system taxing, hated having their image micromanaged by studio bigwigs and resented always being expected to walk, talk and look like a movie star - not Annie. She loved the ritual of getting dressed (hear her talk about it here) and had a genuine affection for all things feathered and glittered.

All in all, a wonderful example of a life lived glamorously.

What a dame.

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